Nature 2.0

We replace peat and synthetic fertiliser using bacteria, fungi, and other microbes along with natural sources of nutrition to provide Nature what it requires to grow healthy crops, plants, and trees

Synthetic Chemicals Have Destroyed Our Soil

Dry Soil

The past 70 years of using synthetic fertilisers and biocides have ravaged life and biodiversity in the soil, decreasing crop yields and destroying the fertility of the land.

Synthetic fertilisers not only kill healthy bacteria, fungi, and microbes in the soil, they throw off the nitrogen cycle, leading to nutrient runoff and depleted nitrogen in the soil creating reliance on synthetic solutions over time. Still, studies show that only 20% of the nitrogen available in the fertilisers are used by the plants they’re meant to help!

To make matters worse, synthetic fertilisers are made from raw materials like fossil fuels, potash, and phosphate, and the creation process comes with a high energy cost. That’s why 1T of fertiliser has the equivalent of 3.5T of CO2 emissions. This does not bode well for a 2050 carbon neutral goal.

And the clincher? We’re all paying for it!

There is a better, simpler, healthier, and cheaper way.

The Woodland Grow Solution: Living Soil

We coupled Nature and ancient techniques with modern AI and eDNA technology to create a replacement for peat and synthetic fertiliser. We supply seed coatings, growing medium and natural fertiliser to supply a plant with everything it needs.

Our proprietary, patent pending solution eliminates the need for synthetic chemical fertilisers. It builds nutritional health and resilience into our food production and communities naturally.

We upcycle natural sources of nutrition from forestry, agriculture and fisheries to create our “mother starter” solution that will help users to improve plant growth and environmental outcomes by reducing pollution of air, water and soil. 

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Our Products

We transform local residues from fisheries, forestry and agriculture into purpose-made, peat-free products that nurture seeds from planting through to harvest.

Woodland Grow is the only nursery utilising Ellepot paper growing cells coupled with our own synthetic- chemical-free growing medium and specialised natural seed coats. With our upcycling of residues, we minimise the use of natural resources, reduce both waste and CO2, and eliminate peat and coir use. Our replacement of synthetic fertilizers and peat makes us one of, if not THE lowest, C emitting nurseries: intentionally made in the UK – for the UK.

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Compost 2.0 from Woodland Grow

Compost 2.0

Created in the UK from upcycled organic materials creating circularity

Pelleted Compost

Patent-pending pellets that weigh less and store easier than any other compost


Perfectly sized and blended to ensure season-long coverage and protection

Prepacked EllePots

These biodegradable pots are perfect to start seedlings in the nursery and plant directly into the ground to avoid transplant shock

Coated Seeds

Seeds innoculated in our 'Mother' are given the best chance to germinate and grow into strong plants

Mother Material

This is our 'secret sauce' which we use to create many of our various products. We can provide various options of specific blends to ensure your plants have the required nutrition to grow in your conditions

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Our Mission & Team

The Mission behind Woodland Grow is not just growing quality plants to exacting standards (FRM and UKISG assured) but doing it in a way that reduces carbon emissions and plastic use while creating a healthy soil microbiome for the future of people and our planet.


Daniel Iddon

Daniel is an engineer with a family history of horticulture.

With a 40acre woodland, tree nursery and fungi soil R&D project, solving complex problems in our ecological system has become second nature.

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Erin Wiedmer

Erin is a permaculture designer who focuses on soil with a particular interest in land restoration.

She has taught permaculture for Elaine Ingham’s SoilFoodWeb school, and worked on projects in Spain, France, Hungary, Jordan and Canada.

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Through our employ of microscopy and eDNA in our multiple channels, we are creating a library of soil microbes and associations to help advance understanding of the soil microbiome